Glen Powell Shares a Cute Video (And Thirst Trap) Praising His Rescue Pup Brisket

Ever since adopting Brisket last summer, Glen Powell has been a loud and proud dog dad. He, of course, made Brisket his own Instagram (@hotbrisket) right away, which has stacked up over 30,000 followers. He’s only posted 13 times to date, but he’s clearly going for quality over quantity. With his new movie Twisters (also starting Daisy Edgar-Jones and Anthony Ramos) hitting theaters this month, he wanted to thank Brisket for all his help behind the scenes.

Glen Powell Shares a Cute Gallery (And Thirst Trap) Praising His Rescue Pup Brisket
Credit: @glenpowell/Instagram

Powell posted a video telling the story of how he adopted Brisket while filming Twisters in Oklahoma last summer. He said the experience of making the movie opened him up to becoming a father. And how he wanted some company but tornadoes aren’t the best cuddlers.

He also posted a gallery, hyping Brisket as “the Lassie of his generation” and starting a rumor of the rescue leading a Homeward Bound reboot. With plenty of commenters feeling he saved the best photo for last…

While Powell might be exaggerating slightly in the post above, it’s a cold hard fact that Brisket is a celebrity pet that’s so hot right now – He even let his dad share the cover of British GQ’s summer issue!

Being just a smol guy, Brisket goes with Glen everywhere… And last month Brisket escaped on a flight and became the most popular guy on the plane!

Glen Powell Rescue Dog Brisket Escaped on a Flight
Credit: @glenpowell/Instagram

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