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Does Emma Kenny Have Any Pets?

Chihuahuas (Dog)

Breed: Chihuahua

Emma Kenny has a couple Chihuahua dogs.

AbysinnianCat (Cat)

Breed: Abysinnian

Emma Kenny also has an Abysinnian cat

Emma Kenny

Emma Kenny Pets


March 23, 1973 (50)

Emma Kenny is a British actress best known for her portrayal of the character Emily Johnson in the critically acclaimed film “In the Shadows.” In addition to her acting work, Kenny has also ventured into the world of music. She collaborated with renowned singer-songwriter Alex Turner on the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack of the film “Midnight Echoes.” Emma Kenny has also worked with actor James McAvoy in the psychological thriller “Silent Whispers” and Olivia Williams, Carey Mulligan, and Helena Bonham Carter. She received critical acclaim for her role in the drama series “Whispers of the Heart,” earning her a nomination for Best Actress at the prestigious Television Awards.

Apart from her work in the entertainment industry, Emma Kenny is passionate about animal advocacy. She actively supports various animal non-profit organizations, including the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Humane Society.