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Honky and Tonky

Miniature Donkeys | Adopted Dec 2010
Pet Worth: $6.5 Million

Around Christmas in 2010. Reese Witherspoon adopted 2 miniature donkeys Honky and Tonky. Miniature donkeys, also known as donks, are generally docile and friendly but that doesn’t stop them from growing to about 225 to 350 pounds in size. The friendly giants also happen to live 30 years so you’re looking at a serious commitment. However, that hasn’t stopped Witherspoon from adding them to her miniature farm. Last we heard her backyard consists of two pigs, three goats, 20 chickens, three dogs, and one horse.

Jim Toth

Jim Toth

Jim Toth Net Worth:

$4 Million

Jim Toth is a talent agent born in 1970 as James Joseph Toth. He has been married to Reese Witherspoon since March 26, 2011.