Princess Monster Truck – From the Streets of New York to a Posh Brooklyn Apartment

Princess Monster Truck was discovered on the mean streets of New York by a pair of artists, she now lives the trendy life in her Brooklyn apartment. Monster’s got a fanged underbite that gets it’s own satellite signal and a serious pair of hypnotizing green eyes.

The cat, dirty and matted, tumbled out of some bushes late one gloomy night, stared at her future parents and howled through her pearly whites. Resembling an alien from a made for TV movie, PMT’s appearance was initially dismaying but quickly the couple realized they couldn’t leave her outside. They took her home, cleaned her up and voila! a couple of popular Instagram posts later, Princess Monster Truck was born.

She’s got her own merchandise line so you can get her so-ugly-it’s-cute face plastered across a sweater for fifty bucks. Or, stuff your own cat into one of her tote bags. We don’t care what you do with it, but you should probably own one.

PMT uses her internet stardom to advocate for animal rescue; she’s appeared in an American Express video in return for a “sizeable donation” to the Sean Casey Animal Rescue. She’s an adoption ambassador and also uses her Instagram platform to publicly support refugees and immigrants. She is a princess of the people.

Chin up, fangs out folks.

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