Disney Star Dylan Sprouse Morns the Death of Magnus, His English Bulldog

Dylan Sprouse, best known for starring alongside his twin brother Cole in Disney‘s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, has kept his private life separate from his Instagram (and his 9 million followers). After not posting since 2016, did finally decide to share something very personal with his fans, but unfortunately, it was sad news.

Dylan Sprouse English Bulldog Magnus Goblin King
Credit: @dylansprouse/Instagram

His beloved English Bulldog named Magnus, also known as the “Goblin King,” had passed away a few days ago, and Sprouse decided to share a touching tribute to his best furry friend.

Dylan Sprouse with his Bulldog Magnus at his computer
Credit: @dylansprouse/Instagram

Sprouse went on to say how awesome he was and how he’s now in dog Vahalla. FYI, Vahalla is a “heaven” where honorable Viking warriors go when they die. (If you have any more questions, you could try tweeting Thor aka Chris Hemsworth) Sprouse goes on to share how much Magnus helped him with his mental health and to “Give your dogs a hug when you can.”

Dylan Sprouse dog Magnus as a puppy
Credit: @dylansprouse/Instagram

There was an outpouring of support in his comments, including some celebrity actors and pet influencers. Liana Liberato said, “oh my heart I’m so sorry dylan he was the best.” and Joshua Dun said, “so sorry man.” @itsdougthepug said, “Heartbroken to hear this…we are so sorry. Even though we never got to meet him in person his pictures brought us a lot of joy and I know he and Doug would’ve been best buds. His spirit will always be with you. Sending you a lot of love.”

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