Ten-year-old conducts interview with her cat – hilarity ensues

We all know cats are particular beasts. Ancestors of the king of the jungle, cats know they get what they demand and they demand you to know exactly where and when they want to patted.

Luckily, one ten-year-old girl named Gabi conducted a thorough interview with her own kitty to answer these hard-hitting questions. At first, the interview with Coco appears to be going well, until Gabi mentions a couple of cat-trigger-words which set the feline off.

Apparently, Coco’s a bit of a diva when it comes to belly scratches, and don’t even think about touching her tail or butt.

Gabi’s a seriously talented aspiring writer who loves JK Rowling. A ten-year-old who hopes to be as famous as Jane Austen? This kid is going places.

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