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Does kkatamina (Miyoung Kim) Have Any Pets?

Lil' Cat (Formerly Siri) (Cat)

Adopted Oct 2021

Once known as Siri, Lil’ Cat now roams as the cherished Black Cat companion of Kkatamina. The adoption tale unfurled on October 11, 2021, unveiled to the world through an Instagram proclamation by Miyoung. The christening of Siri, a nod to “Sirius,” was the brainchild of Disguised Toast, a title warmly embraced by Miyoung as a temporary tag. Yet, as the sun set on the Fuslie House era and dawn broke with Miyoung’s transition to Leak House, a new guardian emerged. Sykkuno, stepping into the role of Siri’s steadfast companion – or in the eyes of the virtual crowd, the “owner” – opted for a fresh name, “Lil’ Cat.”

Nabi (Dog)

kkatamina has a white dog named Nabi.

kkatamina (Miyoung Kim)

kkatamina (Miyoung Kim) Pets


November 10, 1995 (28)

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Miyoung Kim, better known by her online alias kkatamina or Mina, is a Twitch streamer and was the “Most subbed female twitch streamer” in 2021. Miyoung began to gain traction in the OfflineTV and Friends universe in the FTB Revelations Minecraft server, with her roots being a longtime friend of AriaSaki. Nowadays, Miyoung can usually be seen playing Valorant or an assortment of variety games