Jenna Bush Hager Adopts a New Kitten Named Mr. Mango Mellow

Last Christmas, Jenna Bush Hager gave her eldest daughter, Mila, a rescued kitty named Hollywood. This Christmas, she gave her youngest daughter, Poppy, a rescued kitty named Mr. Mango Mellow!

The name Mr. Mango Mellow is credited to her creative kid Poppy, with Jenna telling her Today cohost Hoda Kotb, “I didn’t name him. He’s Poppy’s. I can’t go inside that brilliant brain… He looks like a marshmallow. Santa gave Poppy the baby, and she was so excited she nearly started to cry. She told all her friends.”

Hoda mentioned that cats often aren’t happy to have a new kitty roommate, but luckily wasn’t the case with these two, as they were caught spooning soon after getting acquainted!

Jenna Bush Hager's two cats Hollywood and Mango spooning
Credit: @jennabhager/Instagram

Giving forever homes to two shelter cats and bringing joy to her daughters’ lives has come with some sacrifices, though. Jenna is actually allergic to cats despite her life-long love for the furballs. She just powers through with the help of some allergy medication!

Jenna Bush Hager posing like Taylor Swift and her cat
Credit: @jennabhager/Instagram – Time Magazine

Jenna is also pretty proud of her cat lady status and shared a photo inspired by Taylor Swift’s recent Time Magazine cover. And if you somehow managed to miss it: Taylor Swift was named Time Magazine’s (Cat) Person of the Year.

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