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Charlotte Cardin is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Montreal, Quebec, who first gained attention after competing in the first season of “La Voix,” the French-Canadian version of “The Voice.” She has received numerous awards, including a Juno Award for Pop Album of the Year for her album “Phoenix.”

Cardin’s music career includes the release of her debut EP “Big Boy” in 2016, which features tracks in both English and French, and her full-length album “Phoenix” released in 2021. She has also been recognized with nominations and awards from various music industry bodies.

Cardin has collaborated with several artists across different genres. She worked with rapper Husser on the track “Like It Doesn’t Hurt,” collaborated with rapper Loud on “Sometimes All the Time,” and teamed up with singer-songwriter Jason Bajada on “XO.” Additionally, she joined forces with electronic duo CRi on “Fous n’importe où,” and with Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker, enhancing her versatility and breadth in the music industry.