Meet Picasso, The Rescue Pitbull-Corgi Mix With a Special Snout

We’d like you to meet Pablo and Picasso, two lovable rescue dog brothers that are a unique pitbull-corgi mix. The pair is named after the famous artist Pablo Picasso, with Picasso’s unique face reminding of the artist’s unique paintings.

Meet Picasso, The Rescue Pitbull-Corgi Mix With a Special Snout

Coming from a breeder that couldn’t find a buyer for Picasso, gave him up to a shelter. Pablo was also returned from a buyer and joined his brother. Sadly they were lined up to be euthanized, but they were luckily rescued by Luvable Dog Rescue in Oregon.

As you can see, Picasso has a twisted snout, which gives him trouble eating and will have some teeth removed to help him out. Since reuniting, the brothers have become inseparable, so the pair will be looking for a home together soon after Picasso’s dental surgery.

They are both very healthy and happy otherwise. Their personalities are also the opposite of what you’d expect, with Pablo being the shy one and Picasso more outgoing despite the challenge of his jaw.

And thanks to all the social media attention they’ve been getting, the rescue center has been getting tons of adoption requests. So it looks these brothers will have no trouble finding a happy home together!

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