Pignic – Enjoy a Stroll and Picnic with Cute Kune Kune Pigs

If you had to pick an animal that would enjoy a picnic, we’d bet a pig would be a top choice. Well, the humans at Good Day Out in Wales in the U.K., have already considered that. Good Day Out offers experiences to enjoy the delightful countryside of Brecon Beacons National Park, while educating visitors and supporting related local causes. One of their experiences is a guided piggy walk, complete with a picnic.

Your four tour guides won’t be your standard pink piggies – They’re Kune Kune pigs (pronounced “cooney cooney”). This breed of pig comes from New Zealand and featured colorful furry coats and extra-friendly attitudes. After a walk through their beautiful valley, you’ll sit down to enjoy a picnic of tea, coffee, and cakes.

And for a little variety, you can also take a stroll with some equally-as-cute donkeys!

To learn more, visit gooddayout.co.uk

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