Meet Peggy, aka Dogpool, Ryan Reynold’s Canine Costar in ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’

Gin salesman and soccer club owner Ryan Reynolds confirmed that Dogpool, the canine multiverse version of Deadpool, will appear in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine.

Meet Peggy aka Dogpool Ryan Reynold's Canine Costar in Deadpool and Wolverine
Credit: @ryanreynolds/Instagram

Many Marvel fans wondered (and hoped that) Dogpool would eventually join the MCU with an appearance alongside Deadpool – And Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds confirmed it with an Instagram post of Dogpool in a doggy Deadpool costume. And that the pup is causing the Disney plushy merch department nightmares.

Reynolds’ marketing agency, Maximum Effort, commented, “Deadpool – now canonically in the same universe as Air Bud.” But while we wait for Air Bud vs Dogpool to come out, make sure to check out the history of Air Buddy, the dog that played Air Bud.

Dogpool also has an official Instagram with @dogpool, who shared the same photo with the caption, “Maybe she’s born with it.” This is a reference to Dogpool from Marvel Comics, where the pup gets its superpowers from being a test subject for a makeup known as “Mascara X”.

And note Dogpool isn’t just a dog with Deadpool’s powers, but a doggy multiverse version of Deadpool himself. In Dogpool’s universe, he’s a dog named Wilson (Deadpool’s alter ego is Wade Wilson). After getting his powers, he becomes the starring act for a circus as the “Death Defying Hound, Deadpool.” The human Deadpool eventually visits his universe and recruits Dogpool to join the Deadpool Corps.

Who is the dog actor that plays Dogpool?

Dogpool is played by a canine actor named Peggy that’s a Chinese Crested-Pug mix. This is Dogpool’s first acting role, but you might recognize her as she’s already a celebrity pet, as she previously went viral for being crowned the 2023 winner of Britain’s Ugliest Dog. But getting that sweet Disney/Marvel money, she changed her Instagram to @dogpool.

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