Celebrity Rescue Dog, Ethan Almighty, Helps Pass Anti-Animal Torture Legislation, ‘Ethan’s Law’

For some much-welcomed positive political news, we can thank Ethan Almighty. And the heroic hound will have plenty of animals in his state of Kentucky wanting to thank him as well! After being rescued from a horribly abusive situation in 2021, Ethan was near death. But thanks to But thanks to the incredible employees at a local animal shelter, he got the chance to grow strong and share his inspirational story. Ethan then became a local celebrity in Kentucky and then a viral favorite across the country – Before setting his sights on politics.

Celebrity Rescue Dog Ethan Almighty, Helps Pass Anti-Animal Torture Legislation Ethan’s Law
Credit Ethan Almighty/Susan Tyler Witten – Facebook

Ethan, his dad Jeff Callaway, and other kind humans teamed up to create a bill known as Ethan’s Law. Then after several appearances by Ethan to testify in favor of it, the bill passed on March 26, 2024! The bill’s goal is to better define animal torture and make it a felony crime for first-time offenders.

Ethan, a rescue dog, listens as Rep. Susan Witten, R-Louisville, (right) and his owner, Jeff Callaway of Louisville, discuss House Bill 258, an act related to the torture of a dog or cat. The testimony was part of the House Judiciary Committee meeting , Feb. 21, 2024. (LRC Public Information)

As part of their testimony, Ethan’s dad shared his brave pup’s story with the Senate, “Ethan was intentionally restrained in a kennel that was way too small for him, too small for him to stand or even move around. He was intentionally deprived of food and water. He suffered from a lack of food for so long that his body began to deteriorate. The loss of his internal body fat was followed by muscle loss and atrophy. His internal organs began to shut down.”

From hearing Ethan’s story and meeting the very good boy in the fur, the bill passed the Senate 31-5!

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Interview With Ethan Almighty Abuse Survivor Turned Prominent Canine Socialite, Whiskey Influencer, and Rescue Advocate
Credit: Ethan Almighty/Instagram
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