Meet Mister Marbles, Lil BUB’s Space Cat Protege

While Lil BUB sadly left our planet in December 2019 to return to the stars, she is still one of the most memorable celebrity cats and pet influencers. Lil Bub’s genetic mutation gave her a uniquely alien appearance, it also caused many health issues. In her eight years on earth, she inspired countless people and raised $100,000s for special needs pets and other pet charities.

On New Years’ Eve 2021, Lil Bub’s human, Mike Bridavsky, introduced Lil Bub’s space brother and protege, Mister Marbles Marshmallow Bridavsky!

Mike Bridavsky shared Mister Marbles’ story on Instagram, “I’m thrilled to officially introduce you to our new magical space cat @itsmistermarbles. We adopted him from our local shelter, and he is truly a magical critter undoubtedly sent to us by our beloved BUB. He weighs five pounds, has an impressive snaggletooth, a head shaped like a donut, enormous blue eyes, and a double-wide half-length tail that probably belonged to a raccoon in a past life.”

“More importantly, he has the same magical energy that brings pure joy and wonder to anyone that meets him, and I literally cried tears of joy when I first held him in my lap on our way home from the shelter – the same feeling I had the first time I held BUB 11 years ago.”

“Our entire family (pets included) are quite literally addicted to Mr Marbles – he follows us around, snuggles any time we sit down, and sleeps quietly beside us at night. Don’t let his face fool you, he’s incredibly happy, curious, confident, and sometimes a little confused.”

“I am really looking forward to sharing more about Mr Marbles’ life and adventures through videos and photos as he continues BUB’s legacy and mission to help special needs pets.”

To join Mister Marbles on his magical space adventures, follow him at @itsmistermarbles on Instagram and Facebook. And make sure to check out our tribute to Lil BUB.

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