Baby Otter Survives Shark Attack, Makes Adorable Recovery

A baby sea otter is left orphaned after a shark attack.

Langly is a tiny sea otter who overcame tragedy. She was found next to her mother on the coast who was bleeding out from a shark attack. The mama otter got her baby safely to shore, but while protecting her she sustained serious injuries. Tragically, the mother otter succumbed to her injuries during the emergency trip to the Marine Mammal Center hospital 30 miles away.


Langly was admitted to The Marine Mammal Center where volunteers could take care of her. Since she was close to weaning age and her mother was gone, workers started Langly to a sea otter diet of scallops, crabs, shrimp and other crustaceans.

Vets decided she would be a good candidate to make the dietary transition but she was having trouble cracking open the shellfish on her own with her tiny hands. Volunteers started preparing Langly’s food by cracking mussels, clamshells and removing crab and shrimp legs six times a day to keep the babe fed.

Langly’s mood’s improved since the arrival of two other otters – an older female named Pip and a still-nameless younger baby girl. The two younger otters have a strong bond, playing constantly.

You can name the second baby otter by visiting The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito or by sharing your ideas on the centers Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #NameThatTMMCOtter.

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