While most pet fish are content to simply swim around in their tanks or aquariums all day long, there are a few renegades out there who need some extra attention. These crafty little pets engage in extortionary activities from breaking out of their tanks to getting a helicopter rescue. If you’re thinking about adding sea creatures to your family, be sure to see these pets first.


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The World’s Oldest Fish, Hanako the Koi, lived for 226 years

It was estimated that Hanako was born in 1751 before passing away after her 226th birthday in 1977!

Meet Tadpole, the First Frogfish Influencer

Tadpole is a Frogfish, a Hairy Frogfish, to be specific. He’s also the first Frogfish fishfluencer.

This pet fish plays Pokemon, but also commits credit card fraud

A YouTube streamer taught his pet fish to play Pokemon, then one time he was away, the fish managed to use his credit card online.

Man trains his goldfish to play soccer

Dogs? Pigs? Elephants? Yeah, we've all seen animals with feet playing soccer. But how about playing soccer with fins?

Fishflation: Penguins at Japanese Aquarium refuse to eat cheaper fish

Inflation and rising food prices can also affect our animal friends, not just us humans. But faced with rising fish prices, these proud penguins and putting their flipper down. They live at Hakone-en Aquarium in Kanagawa, Japan, where they’re typically fed aji, a fatty Japanese horse mackerel.

Diver and a Smiley Fish Hang Out Every Day

Underwater photographer and free diver, Yuki Nakano, swims in Hawaii, with a fish that has the cutest smile and it visits her every day. Even though she usually tries to keep her distance, this little fish wants to get close and friendly. Nakano first met the the fish in February at a popular snorkeling point on Oahu.

Million Dollar Fine Issued to Black Market Sea Cucumber Poachers

Two men in San Diego were charged over a million dollars for their black market sea cucumber smuggling ring. David Mayorquin and his father, Ramon Torres Mayorquin, were named in a 26-count federal indictment filed last year. From 2010 to 2012, they smuggled $17 million worth of sea cucumbers from Mexico to Asia.

Dolphin-Whale Hybrid Discovered & It’s Hella Cute

Marine biologists have discovered a new dolphin hybrid and it’s adorable. Spotted off the coast of Hawaii, the hybrid is half rough-toothed dolphin and half melon-headed whale. ” We came across a mixed group with two species: rough-toothed dolphins, and what appeared, at first, to be two melon-headed whales,” said Robin Baird, a research biologist with the Cascadia Research Collective. “

Shark Smuggled From Aquarium in Stroller, Thief Is Charged

The thief who kidnapped a horn shark named Miss Helen from the San Antonio Aquarium has been charged with felony theft. The heist was pulled off by netting Miss Helen out of a tide pool exhibit while the attendant was with other, innocent aquarium guests. The three thieves wrapped Miss Helen in a wet blanket but didn’t have anywhere to put her.

Baby Otter Survives Shark Attack, Makes Adorable Recovery

A baby sea otter is left orphaned after a shark attack. Langly is a tiny sea otter who overcame tragedy. She was found next to her mother on the coast who was bleeding out from a shark attack.