While most pet fish are content to simply swim around in their tanks or aquariums all day long, there are a few renegades out there who need some extra attention. These crafty little pets engage in extortionary activities from breaking out of their tanks to getting a helicopter rescue. If you’re thinking about adding sea creatures to your family, be sure to see these pets first.


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The story of a diver Valerie Taylor and moray eel becoming BFFs

Valerie Taylor is a famous diver and underwater photographer and videographer, known for being a shark expert with an impressive underwater career going back to the 1960s. On top of tons of documentaries and work, she also helped with Hollywood movies such as JAWS and The Blue Lagoon. While she is in her 80s and doesn’t dive anymore, one of her more unique experiences was befriending a moray eel she named “Honey”.

Two bears and a mountain lion treated for burns with fish-skin bandages

Two bears and a 5-month old mountain lion were found with serious burns following the Thomas Fire in Southern California. Hero vet Jamie Peyton was enlisted to help develop a plan for the wild animals. She’s the Chief of the Integrative Medicine Service at UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, and came up with the idea that potentially saved the animals lives.

Cheeto the Rescued Seahorse gets another chance at life

An orange seahorse mistaken for junk food was rescued on Indian Shores Beach in Florida earlier this week. A young girl and her mother were having a day out at the beach when the girl noticed something odd. A seagull flying above her dropped what looked like a cheeto out of it’s mouth.

Diver Hiroyuki Arakawa and his BFF (Best Fish Friend) Yoriko have been meeting up for 25 years

We all know long distance relationships can be hard, but that hasn’t stopped the ocean from getting in between human diver Hiroyuki Arakawa and Asian sheepshead wrasse Yoriko. Arakawa runs a local dive shop and has been trusted to look after a Shinto religion shrines, which happens to be under the water in Japan’s Tateyama Bay. Over the years, he’s gotten to know the aquatic neighbors quite well, but his friendship with Yoriko is a special one.

Top Five Terrifying Animal Names

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of the scariest animal names known to man. Some of these creatures are well suited to their nightmare-inducing titles and others, not so much. Read on to discover the top 5 animal names you don’t want whispered in your ear in a dark alley. 1.

Tracy Morgan’s Custom Shark Tank Costs $400k and Weighs 50 tons

Tracy Morgan has been a fan of the famous ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau since he was a child and if you ever visit his home, you’ll see why. He started to collect ocean life as pets, starting with a giant Pacific octopus named Bwyadette. Morgan loves his octopus and says he’s “dolphin smart”.

Goldfish Needs Help Swimming, gets Tiny Custom Wheelchair

Today we learned about a goldfish that needed help and was saved in the cutest way possible: with a tiny aquatic “wheelchair”. Taylor Dean, an animal lover and educator on YouTube, has a friend named Derek that works at a local aquarium shop who shared his good deed for the day with her. My friend made a wheelchair for a goldfish pic.twitter.com/QghXTY7rme— taylor nicole dean (@taylorndean) March 10, 2017 Derek told Taylor that a customer brought in their pet goldfish, saying that the fish couldn’t swim properly or stay upright.

2017 Academy Award Nominees. The Oscar for “Best Pet” goes to…

With the 2017 Academy Awards coming up, people are already betting on who’s going to win the big awards for Best Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Actor/Actress. But here at Celebrity Pet Worth, we’re wondering which of the nominees’ pets would win the Oscar for Best Pet? Natalie Portman – Best Actress for Jackie Whiz – Yorkshire Terrier Portman’s beloved Whiz is a strong contender for the Pet of the Year Oscar.

Nicolas Cage Once Owned a $150,000 Octopus Named Cool That Helped His Acting

Nicolas Cage has been known to make some pretty outrageous purchases throughout his career. Many of those purchases lead to his ultimate bankruptcy, and his rise back to stardom after taking every movie role available to bounce back. The list of purchases included everything from a collection of multimillion dollar mansions, a castle, several yachts, more than 50 cars, a jet, and an island.