Rosco Therapy dog snuggles away seizures for epileptic patient

Not all heroes wear capes. Some have fluffy golden coats and are made of happiness.

Rosco’s a year old golden retriever with an important job. Derek Douglass depends on him to treat his drug-resistant epileptic seizures.

rosco service dog

Douglass has ‘complex partial seizures’ which means he still operates while seizing.

“My epileptic seizures are called complex partial seizures. I space out, but still can do normal behaviors. I live alone in an apartment near a busy road,” Douglass stated to PEOPLE. “My job entails working with small amounts of electricity and moving parts. While seizing, I have walked out of my doctor’s office to the bus stop. Because of all these circumstances, I felt I needed an extra line of defense.”

Rosco seizure dog

Rosco carries a magnet around in his bandana which he uses to activate a Vagus Nerve Stimulation therapy device implanted in Douglass’ chest when he has a seizure. Rosco snuggles up to his owner’s chest during the seizure and provides him with comfort and relief.

“Rosco has changed my life by being there for me when I do have issues, as well as just being a friend any time of the day,” Douglass said. “His just being beside me helps me to be happier.”

rosco service dog

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