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Does Claudia Vergara Have Any Pets?

Petunia (Dog)

Breed: Chihuahua

Claudia Vergara has a long-haired chihuahua named Petunia. Petunia is sometimes seen on the Instagram of her auntie, Sofia Vergara.

Claudia Vergara

Claudia Vergara Pets


September 21, 1992 (31)

Claudia Vergara, born on September 21, 1992, in Colombia, has emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of social media and television hosting. Not merely recognized as the niece of the illustrious actress Sofía Vergara, Claudia has independently established her mark as a TV host, social media star, and model. With an education in fashion design from Los Angeles, California, she blends her academic background with her innate flair for style, making her a distinguished personality in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Residing within a family of notable talents, including her cousin Manolo González Vergara and her aunt Sofía Vergara, Claudia has navigated her way through the entertainment landscape with grace and poise. Her relationship status, as of the information available, points towards a long-term relationship with Ammiel Manevich Cepeda since 2017, illustrating a stable personal life amidst her bustling professional journey.

Claudia’s early career was marked by her debut on social media platforms, where she quickly amassed a significant following thanks to her engaging content that often showcases her fashion sense, lifestyle, and insights into her life behind the scenes. Her Instagram account, in particular, has become a hub for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike, seeking inspiration from her posts.

Her transition to television was seamless, with her co-hosting the entertainment news show Latinx Now!, which further solidified her position in the entertainment industry. This role allowed her to interact with a myriad of celebrities, further expanding her network and influence.