Kygo (Human DJ) Brings Kygo (Terminally Ill Dog) as a VIP Festival Guest To Complete His Bucket List

Kygo is a 7-year-old mutt (an alleged Husky, Malamute, Poodle, and Collie mix) who is sadly terminally ill from cancer and doesn’t have much longer to live… Kygo’s mom, Ashley McClain, said her fur baby has two items on his bucket list: To meet The Dogist, the famed NYC dog photographer/interviewer – And meet Kygo, the famed Norwegian DJ he was named after…

DJ Kygo Brings Kygo the cancer dog as a VIP Festival Guest To Complete His Bucket List
Credit: @empirestateofkygo/Instagram

First, Kygo checked meeting @thedogist off the list in early June. Kygo’s mom shared how she’s doing her best to ensure he enjoys what time he has left, as he has osteosarcoma (a type of bone cancer) which has spread to his lungs, which also led to pneumonia. She also mentioned that other than The Doggist, Kygo wants to meet DJ Kygo. The emotional interview touched tons of people, with many forwarding the video to DJ Kygo…

Then DJ Kygo got in touch and brought Kygo as a VIPup to his Palm Tree Music Festival in Southampton, NY! DJ Kygo has never had a pet dog, but he said he fully feels how important a furry family member is and had to meet him ASAP.

Then the Brady Hunter Foundation donated $10,000 to help with Kygo’s medical bills, as well as another $10,000 to the National Canine Cancer Foundation in the name of brave pup! The Doggist also used all the love and attention to call on people to donate to the National Canine Cancer Foundation to help raise an additional $10,000 in honor of Kygo.

For another brave cancer-fighting canine: A statue of the official Boston Marathon dog was unveiled after he passed away last year.

Statue of Spencer the Boston Marathon dog
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