Paris Hilton Debuts Her Cloned Chihuahuas, Diamond and Baby, in New Taco Bell Commercial

Paris Hilton clones her late dog Diamond Baby.

Fast food connoisseur and iconic dog mom Paris Hilton has officially revealed she cloned her missing dog Diamond Baby, to create two puppies named Diamond and Baby. If you’re a follower of Paris, you’ll most likely have done a double-take seeing how truly similar they look to Diamond Baby, who tragically went missing in September 2022 and was never found. And she also sadly said goodbye to Harajuku Bitch, who crossed the rainbow bridge at 23 years old in May.

Paris Hilton's cloned Chihuahuas in Taco Bell Commercial
Credit: @parishilton/Instagram

Paris Hilton’s cloned dogs Diamond and Baby star in a Taco Bell commercial.

The instantly recognizable duo debuted in a new Taco Bell commercial Paris posted to her Instagram on December 14th, for the fittingly named Double Decker Taco.

Many of her fans did a double-take and commented on the similarities. And thanks to @nicolemorrone for confirming in the comments.

Instagram comments on Paris Hilton Taco Bell commercial about cloned dogs
Credit: @parishilton/Instagram

The same day, over on her TikTok, Paris posted a cute Christmas video cruising with her human baby Phoenix, with the twin cloned chihuahuas scampering away.

Paris shares a few videos of chihuahua clones Diamond and Baby.

Then, on her @hiltonpets Instagram account, she posted a close-up video with the two cloned pups next to her most recent fur baby, who her fans helped her name Prince Tokyo Gizmo Hilton. But Paris hadn’t mentioned any details or even their names in her various posts.

Several weeks following the reveal, Paris has shared more posts of the twins and calls them by their names.

Paris first shares the news she is cloning Diamond Baby

Paris first publicly revealed she was cloning her late Diamond Baby on her reality series, Paris in Love, when chatting with her sister Nicky. Paris shares that when she got Diamond Baby fixed, she had the “cloning people” keep some stem cells, just in case something happened to her beloved chihuahua. And I would also like to suggest that “I got a call from the cloning people,” is added to Paris’ list of most iconic quotes.

And in case you missed it, Paris Hilton and Demi Lovato made dog-friendly holiday cakes for their pampered pooches.

Paris Hilton and Demi Lovato Make Dog-Friendly Cakes for A Very Demi Holiday Special on Roku
Credit: A Very Demi Holiday/The Roku Channel
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