Paris Hilton’s dog Diamond Baby is missing!

Paris Hilton, iconic fur mom who has 16 dogs living in a doggy mansion behind her human mansion, has sadly lost one. She posted to Instagram yesterday that Diamond Baby, a teacup chihuahua she got in October 2016, went missing last Wednesday.

On Instagram, she says that while at a photoshoot, movers were at her house and must have left a door open. She said friends and family have been searching her neighbourhood and going door-to-door with no luck. She’s hired a pet detective, a dog whisper, a pet psychic, and is even looking into dog-finding drones!

She also said she was nervous to make the tragic news public, but since Diamond Baby hasn’t been found she’s offering a big reward to anyone who finds her fur baby. Anyone who might have seen the lost pup or has any tips can contact finddiamondbaby[at]

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