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Taehyun's Pets

Does Taehyun Have Any Pets?

Hobak (Cat)

Breed: Tabby

Taehyun has a Tabby cat named Hobak that he’s had since he was a little kid (with photo here as proof). His name translates to “Amber” and he’s named this because his eyes look like a piece of amber jewelry.

Aengdu (Snake)

Breed: Albino Corn Snake | Adopted 2020

Taehyun had a pet Albino Corn Snake named Aengdu, which translates to “Cherry.” Unfortunately, he had to rehome Aengdu because he had no time to care for him with his busy schedule.


Taehyun Pets


February 5, 2002 (22)

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Musicians K-POP

Taehyun is a member of K-pop group Tomorrow X Together (TXT), alongside Soobin, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, and Huening Kai.

While Taehyun’s main focus remains on his contribution to TXT, the group’s music portfolio is nothing short of impressive. With albums such as The Dream Chapter: MAGIC and The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE, TXT has secured its place in the contemporary K-pop scene. “Can’t You See Me?” and “Blue Hour” are among the hit singles that showcase Taehyun’s remarkable vocal range and versatility. The group’s collaborations have not been limited to just music production; they’ve also worked closely with renowned choreographers, ensuring their performances are as memorable as their tracks.

In terms of collaborations, Taehyun and his fellow TXT members have been involved in multiple ventures with notable figures in the entertainment industry. These include work with producers like Adora and Slow Rabbit, who have been instrumental in shaping the TXT sound. Collaborations have extended beyond music production; the group has also been featured in content alongside BTS, another prominent K-pop group under the same agency, Big Hit Music. Moreover, guest appearances on platforms like “V Live” with artists such as Sunmi and engaging in special projects with brands like “Dazed Korea” are a testament to the group’s wide-reaching influence. In 2023, TXT won the “Push Performance of The Year” award at the MTV VMAs for “Sugar Rush Ride.”