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Does Huening Kai Have Any Pets?

Huening Lionel Mbappe (Rock)

Huening Kai has a pet rock named Huening Lionel Mbappe. So his pet rock wouldn’t be lonely, he got one for Beomgyu.

Huening Kai

Huening Kai Pets


August 14, 2002 (21)

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Musicians K-POP

Huening Kai is a member of the k-pop group, Tomorrow X Together (TXT) with Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Yeonjun.

Music has always been an integral part of Huening Kai’s life. As a member of TXT, he has been an essential part of the group’s success, contributing vocally and energetically to their releases. TXT’s albums, such as The Dream Chapter: MAGIC and The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE, have been massive hits globally. These albums produced chart-topping singles like “CROWN” and “Can’t You See Me?” that showcased not just the group’s collective talent, but also Huening Kai’s unique voice. Beyond his group activities, Huening Kai’s musical horizons are broad, with interests ranging from playing various instruments to exploring different genres.

Heuning Kai and TXT have worked with music producers and artists like Slow Rabbit, Adora, and Supreme Boi, ensuring that each track they release is a masterpiece. Beyond the realm of music, TXT’s association with the global sensation BTS, under the Big Hit Entertainment banner, has given Huening Kai and his bandmates an opportunity to learn from the very best. In 2023, TXT won the “Push Performance of The Year” at the MTV VMAs for “Sugar Rush Ride.”