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Billo (Dog)

Francesco De Gregori has a dog named Billo.

Francesco De Gregori

Francesco De Gregori Pets


April 4, 1951 (73)

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Francesco De Gregori is an Italian singer-songwriter recognized for his contribution to the Italian music scene since the early 1970s. Noted for his intricate lyrics and blending of rock and folk music elements, De Gregori has been honored with awards such as the Tenco Prize. His influence is marked by a repertoire that includes key albums like “Rimmel” (1975) and songs such as “La donna cannone” (1983).

De Gregori’s career is highlighted by his role in shaping Italian popular music through both his solo work and collaborations. His albums “Viva l’Italia” (1979) and “Titanic” (1982) are significant for their lyrical exploration of personal and societal themes.

His collaborations have included influential Italian and international artists, such as Lucio Dalla, with whom he created the live album “Banana Republic” in 1979, and Bob Dylan, which underscored De Gregori’s role in the transatlantic exchange of folk and rock music influences. Other important collaborations involve Antonello Venditti, with whom he released “Theorius Campus” in 1972, Ivan Graziani, Ron, and Fabrizio De André.