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April 29, 1958 (66)

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Eve Plumb is an American actress and painter, best known for her portrayal of Jan Brady on the iconic television series “The Brady Bunch.” Plumb’s career in entertainment spans several decades, during which she has appeared in a variety of television, film, and stage productions.

Plumb’s acting career, beyond her role in “The Brady Bunch,” includes significant appearances in both television and film. She reprised her role as Jan Brady in various “Brady Bunch” spin-offs and reunions. Plumb’s other television work includes roles in series like “Fudge” and “All My Children.” In film, she has appeared in movies such as “Blue Ruin” and “The Sisters Plotz.” Plumb has also lent her voice to animated projects.

Throughout her career, Plumb has collaborated with numerous actors and directors, contributing to her growth as a performer. Her time on “The Brady Bunch” involved working closely with actors like Florence Henderson and Robert Reed. In her later career, she worked with directors like Jeremy Saulnier in “Blue Ruin.”