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Kendall Rae's Pets

Does Kendall Rae Have Any Pets?

Bernie (Dog)

Breed: Havanese | Adopted Nov 2016

Kendall Rae adopted a Havanese dog named Bernie in November 2016.

Sadie (Dog)

Breed: Havanese | Adopted Dec 2017

Kendall Rae adopted a second Havanese dog named Sadie in December 2017.

Lilly, Meatball & Tucker (Cat)

Kendall Rae also has 3 cats named Lilly, Meatball and Tucker.

Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae Pets

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Kendall Rae is an American YouTuber and podcaster primarily known for her exploration of true crime, unsolved mysteries, and conspiracy theories.

Kendall’s career soared primarily through her engaging YouTube videos that explore the unsettling realm of crime and the unknown. With a diverse range of content from in-depth looks into unsolved mysteries, missing persons cases, to intriguing conspiracy theories, Rae has managed to captivate her audience and steadily increase her subscriber count over the years. Her knack for storytelling, combined with a passion for truth and advocacy, has cemented her place as a significant online personality in the realm of unsolved cases and theories.

Collaboration has played a major role in Kendall’s journey, boosting her visibility and expanding her reach. Notable collaborations include those with Shane Dawson, a prominent figure in the YouTube community, as well as other creators like Joshledore, her husband, with whom she co-hosts the podcast “Mile Higher Podcast.” Further collaborations with popular YouTube personalities such as Bella Fiori, Samantha Ravndahl, Gabbie Hanna, Elle Fowler, Tana Mongeau, Graveyard Girl, Loey Lane, Janelle Eliana, and Jessie Vee have also been significant in amplifying her message and diversifying her content.

Throughout her career, Kendall has been recognized for her contribution to the YouTube community and her influential role in the true crime genre. Among her distinctions are the YouTube Silver and Gold Play Buttons, which she received in recognition of surpassing 100,000 and 1,000,000 subscribers, respectively.