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The “world’s cutest adventurer” Mr. Pokee is an African Pygmy Hedgehog with Wanderlust

Self proclaimed as the “world’s cutest adventurer” Mr. Pokee is an African Pygmy Hedgehog with wanderlust. He lives with his mom, Litha, in Norway, the two go on roadtrips throughout the country and the occasional European vacay all the while documenting their travels on Mr. Pokee’s Instagram account (@Mr.Pokee).


Crusades around Norway are a necessity for the two voyagers. Mr. Pokee loves the Oslo harbour and staring wantonly out over the ocean.


Certain progressive airlines in Europe allow Mr. Pokee to ride in the cabin with his mom. To be honest, if you’ve ever sat next to a crying baby then a tiny, calm hedgehog would be a relief. Mr. Pokee happily racks up air miles in silence, doesn’t complain about the airline food and loves an inflight cuddle sesh, making him the perfect travel companion.


Occasionally, Mr. Pokee’s mom will do something the Hedgehog has no interest in, like skiing in Hafjell, Norway or exploring Thailand. In cases like these, a Mr. Pokee stunt double takes his place. You can barely tell the difference.

took this cutie skiing today while the real pokee stayed in his warm & comfy bed all day ⛷❄️ #hafjell #skiing #norway

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Mealworms, aka the caviar of the Insectivore world, are this Hedgehog’s favourite snack. Pokes is no stranger to being hangry and likes to eat as often as possible. He takes the Hog half of his identity pretty seriously… we can relate.

Mr. Pokee has a long distance hog girlfriend in Norway. He prefers to keep his friend circle pretty tight, though, and is less than interested in cross-species relationships. Dogs are not his forte, plus he doesn’t want to be mistaken for a barbed chew-toy.


Charity for the spiked mammal community comes in the form of a blog for Mr. Pokee and Litha. She’s quick to reply on her social media pages to any questions or concerns other hog owners have. She also writes about proper ways to train a hedgehog and how to ensure the animal’s comfort on her website. They can be prickly creatures, after all.