Firefighters Rescue Two Baby Fawns From California Wildfire

A wildfire in Shasta County, California left two baby fawns orphaned, but local firefighters came to the rescue.

If we can’t watch burly, soot-covered firefighters hand-feed baby fawns, then what’s the point of living?

firefighter rescue baby fawn wildfire
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Luckily, the Shasta County Fire Dept has got you covered. Their firefighters found two baby fawns in the burnt-out brush of the California Creek Fire.”We just sat down and we heard a little squeal in the bushes behind us,” says Engineer Patrick Buchner. “We found two baby fawns.”

The firefighters were used to dealing with cats, dogs, and humans but baby deer were new.

“We went back to the fire engine, got them in the A/C and one of the firefighters actually grabbed a medical glove, filled it full of water,” said Buchner. “We poked a hole in it and they actually started to drink water.”

fighter rescue baby fawn wildfire

The baby deer were only a few days old, meaning they had been born in the fire. They were clearly orphaned – the public is warned not to disturb fawns found in the wild, often their mother is close by.

After they cared for the fawns immediate well-being, the firefighters called Haven Wild Care’s Fawn Program which will rehabilitate the babies so they can be reintroduced to the wild.

Buchner’s going to keep a close on eye on the little babes’ progress. “I was already telling the guys that when I got off shift, I wanted to go down and actually see how they’re doing because it’s pretty cool.”

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