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Jeremy Zag is a French producer, director, and writer known for his notable contributions to the entertainment industry. One of the breakout roles in Jeremy Zag’s career came with the creation of the animated series “Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.” As the producer, director, and writer of the show, Zag brought to life a captivating superhero story that has gained immense popularity worldwide. The success of “Miraculous” has made it a milestone project in Zag’s career, showcasing his creativity and storytelling abilities.

Jeremy Zag has collaborated with numerous celebrities and influential figures in the entertainment industry. Notable collaborations include working with Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Beyoncé on an animated music video for her song “Renegade.” He has also collaborated with renowned author and screenwriter Neil Gaiman on a project adaptation of one of Gaiman’s beloved works. Additionally, Zag has partnered with international pop sensation Justin Bieber to create an animated series featuring Bieber as the main character.