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Nicole Beharie does not have any reported pets.

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January 3, 1985 (39)

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Nicole Beharie is an American actress known primarily for her role as Abbie Mills in the television series “Sleepy Hollow.” She has received critical acclaim for her performances in both television and film, notably in the film “Miss Juneteenth,” which earned her an Independent Spirit Award nomination.

Nicole Beharie’s career began with her film debut in “American Violet” (2008), where she portrayed Dee Roberts. She continued with notable roles in “Shame” (2011), where she played Marianne, and in “42” (2013), as Rachel Robinson, the wife of Jackie Robinson. In television, her portrayal of Abbie Mills in “Sleepy Hollow” from 2013 to 2016 is significant. She has also contributed to animated projects, such as her role in the film “Monsters and Men” (2018).

Throughout her career, Beharie has collaborated with several impactful actors. In “American Violet,” she worked closely with Alfre Woodard. Her role in “Shame” paired her with Michael Fassbender. In “42,” she collaborated with Chadwick Boseman. On “Sleepy Hollow,” Beharie’s dynamic with co-star Tom Mison was central to the show’s appeal. In “Miss Juneteenth,” she shared the screen with Kendrick Sampson. Her participation in “Monsters and Men” involved working alongside John David Washington. In “The Express: The Ernie Davis Story” (2008), she worked with Rob Brown.