Olympian Shaun White Gives Nina Dobrev’s Pup a Pro Snowboarding Lesson

Three-time Olympic gold medalist, Shaun White, and The Vampire Diaries and Love Hard star, Nina Dobrev, have been dating for four years – WIth the happy couple thanks their dogs for helping them connect.

Shaun White Gives Nina Dobrev’s dog Mavrick a Snowboarding Lesson
Credit: Nina Dobrev/Shaun White

And for a clear sign that a partner would make a good pet parent, Shaun gave his fur stepdaughter, Maverick, a snowboarding lesson! And make sure to catch the amused kid and dad pointing at the cute scene. Followers commented on when Maverick is getting her own snowboard and that she’s sure to go pro. The top comment was, “Boarding collie.”

Nina adopted Maverick Do(g)brev, a Border Collie-Aussie Shepherd mix, in April 2017 from The Pet Care Foundation in Los Angeles, and also helped get Maverick’s brother find his furever home. This sadly came after her childhood cat, who she had since she was 10, passed away at 18 years old.

Nina started an Instagram profile for the pup with @Mrs.Maverick, which has since racked up almost half a million followers.

Steve is Shawn White’s French Bulldog/BFF.

The couple started dating in 2020 just before the pandemic. And since the couple have shared that their fur babies helped them connect with each other.

And with the frequent appearances of Maverick and Steve on their Instagrams as proof.

The two fur step-siblings have also become close friends!

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