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May 17, 1955 (69)

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Marc Weiner is an American comedian, puppeteer, and television producer, best known for his work on the Nickelodeon television network, particularly for creating and starring in “Weinerville,” a puppet/comedy television show that aired from 1993 to 1997. His unique brand of entertainment, which combines puppetry with live-action performances, has made a significant impact on children’s television programming in the 1990s.

Throughout his career, Weiner has demonstrated a versatile talent both in front and behind the camera. Before his success with “Weinerville,” Weiner was a notable presence in the comedy circuit and made appearances on various television programs, including “Saturday Night Live.” “Weinerville” not only showcased his puppeteering skills but also his ability to engage audiences with a mix of humor and interactive segments. Following the show’s run, Weiner continued to contribute to children’s programming, including providing voice work for characters in “Dora the Explorer” and “Go, Diego, Go!”