Ricky Gervais Reunites With ‘After Life’ Canine Costar To Promote His Vodka Brand

First, former Breaking Bad costars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunited to launch Dos Hombres Mezcal. Now following in their footsteps, former After Life costars Ricky Gervais and Antilly the Wonder Hound have teamed up to promote Gervais’ Dutch Barn Vodka. Gervais opens the commercial with “Research shows that using a dog in your advert makes people more interested in your product.” – And here we are writing about it!

Known as “Anti” for short, this friendly German Shepherd played the role of Gervais’ dog “Brandy” on his Netflix series After Life. With Gervais the series’ creator, he wrote a pet dog into the script, so he’d get to hang with one throughout filming. he also handpicked Anti for the role. With how well they got along on-set and in interviews, many fans thought that Anti was his actual dog. (Gervais has no pet dogs, but is a proud cat daddy) If you watch the behind-the-scenes clip below, it’s clear the two were very happy to have an excuse to work together again.

Anti is a veteran canine actor, with her first notable role as an army dog in The Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. And she also comes from a doggo acting dynasty, as her parents were both actors. When Anti was just a puppy, her parents both played Bane’s guard dogs in The Dark Knight Rises.

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Credit: The Academy
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