Stepan the House Bear: From Rescue to World-Famous Model

In 1993, Stepan was an orphaned cub found in a Russian forest in terrible health. After considering that the zoos in Russia wouldn’t treat Stephan humanely, Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko decided to adopt him. Now over 300 pounds and 30 years later, Stephan has lived a happy life as a house bear… and a world-famous model!

Here he is celebrating his 30th birthday, which equals around 90+ human years.

Here’s Stepan effortlessly modelling for one of many photoshoots.

Stepan’s humans said he’s never bitten them. We imagine they can thank the 50 pounds of veggies, fruit, eggs, and fish they feed him each day.

Enjoying a little break from modelling with a cup of tea and a snack.

He does have hobbies outside of work. Such as gardening.

Stepan also has a couple of doggy roommates to hang with.

And here he is enjoying a cheese platter on a date. #TheBearchelor

Stepan didn’t always have the glamorous life of a model though. here he is working construction in his younger days.

And don’t worry, his humans are happy to let him inside to watch TV and enjoy some pie.

For more Stepan, you can follow him on Instagram at @panteleenko_svetlana. For another famous teddy, check out Bear 747, who overcame voter fraud to win Fat Bear Week.

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