Meet Munchkin, Mayo Clinic’s First Mini Therapy Horse

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, showed off an adorable addition to their therapy animal team: Munchkin the miniature horse!

Meet Munchkin the first mini therapy horse at the Mayo Clinic

Your first question probably is, “Just because Muchkin is super cute, should he really be taking a job away from a therapy dog?” Of course, his concentrated cuteness is an important factor – The real reason is to accommodate patients with dog allergies or who might be afraid of dogs.


His miniature size makes him much more convenient to bring into a patient’s room than your standard-size horse. While only just over two feet tall, Muchkin still grabs attention with his glorious white mane and silky light gray coat.

A child petting Munchkin the mini therapy horse at the Mayo Clinic

He wears a little vest to ensure humans know he’s an employee there and not a pet. He also sports little booties to ensure he doesn’t slip on the hospital tile floors. Muchkin is also a therapy thoroughbred, with his mom a therapy horse as well.

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