The Inspiring Story of Peabody – The World’s Smallest Miniature Horse

Born on May 7, 2021, and growing to only 16.5 inches tall and 19 pounds, Peabody was the world’s smallest horse. He had a rough start to life, born with dwarfism, misshapen legs and jaw, along with being completely deaf. He was so short he wasn’t able to reach up to drink milk from his mother. He was going to be put down, but the kind people at Faithful Minis in San Diego rescued him.

Faithful Minis trains and sells miniature horses as therapy animals. After taking in Peabody, they decided to make a Tik Tok account that quickly went viral.

As you can see below, he’s around the same size as his French bulldog roommates!

And here’s lil’ Peabody meeting a giant Clydesdale horse!

Sadly, Peabody passed away at only four months old, soon after appearing on the Kelly Clarkson Show. While not with us for very long, he inspired millions with his inspirational story and friendly attitude. His memory lives on with Faithful Minis continuing to share videos of Peabody, along with other miniature horses, such as this shaggy guy named Buffalo.

If you want more videos of Peabody and his tiny friends, visit Faithful Minis on TikTok or Instagram. For another inspiring story, check out Lil Ben, the miniature horse who found love.

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