Achieve Zen Meditating With Salma Hayek and Her Owl

Want a cheat code for achieving zen? Just invest in your own in-house spirit animal, like Salma Hayek did. But if adopting an owl as a gift for your billionaire husband when everyone knows it’s really a gift for yourself isn’t an option for you… You can bookmark Hayek’s recent owl meditation Instagram reel instead!

Kering the Owl got his name from Kering the French luxury goods company, where Hayek’s husband is CEO (along with the company’s logo being an owl). Kering is a rescue and was originally a Valentine’s Day gift for her husband, but her husband admitted right away it was more a gift for herself.

Kering is a Southern White-Faced Owl and was adopted by Hayek in 2019. And since then Kering has been Hayek’s favorite hat.

In 2021, Hayek and Kering were featured in People’s The Beautiful Issue.

Salma Hayek has upwards of 30 pets and farm animals, with most of them rescues.

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