Lizzy from OwlKitty The Most Uncredited Celebrity of Our Generation

If you’re a fan of blockbuster films, there’s a good chance you’ll recognize the hardest-working cat in Hollywood, Lizzy from OwlKitty. The talented feline is not only the most “uncredited” star of the last two generations, but she may also be “The oldest cat in the world”. Her Grammy-worthy work spans over 40 years of popular cinema and television. Unfortunately due to her busy schedule, she hasn’t had the opportunity to apply to the Guinness Book of World Records for the official title.

Anyone remember Jurassic Cat?

OwlKitty has always been a star, but it took time for social media recognized her. In late 2017, Lizzy started making mini-movies for her followers. Charroppin, the owner of OwlKitty, happens to also be a Portland-based video editor. With a little help from her humans, she began letting people about her contributions to some of the most notable films in our generation. It didn’t take long for Lizzy to rack up 3 million followers.

That time Godzilla lost in Gozilla vs The Black Cat

9 out of 10 movie critics agree Leonardo DiCaprio‘s performance wouldn’t have shined without Lizzy

He is rumored to be Macaulay Culkin’s acting coach during the entire film

10 years in the making, The Avengers would have lost to Thanos if it wasn’t for OwlKitty

A quick look at the amazing talent behind Lizzy and her family

It doesn’t stop here. OwlKitty is still sharing their amazing contributions to popular cinema. Lizzy has contributed to more films such as John Wick with Keanu Reeves, Lord of the Rings which was almost renamed Lord of the Cats, the Netflix series The Witcher with Henry Cavill, Indian Jones as a stunt double for Harrison Ford, and Game of Thrones as Jon Snow’s cat before they replaced her with some dog. We really hope you get that IMDB profile updated Lizzy!

Make sure to follow Lizzy at OwlKitty – Website, Instagram, and YouTube.

You can find her at the Oscars this year – if she’s not too busy napping somewhere.

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