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Bad Ass Canuck the Crow Has Babies – Will He Change His Ways?

Are Canuck the Crow‘s days of looting, harassing, and breaking hearts coming to an end?

The Canadian crow has a notorious reputation to uphold in East Vancouver, a hipster mecca located in British Columbia. He harasses people in McDonald’s, dive-bombs postal workers, and robs and steals as he pleases. But, with the announcement of a brood of baby birds with wifey Cassiar, will that all change?

Ladies and Gentlmen, may I please have your attention! CANUCK AND CASSIAR NEST UPDATE 2018: As you all know, and if you dont; Canuck and Cassiar have been in full on nesting season mode. It all started with the building of the nest. Then it moved onto the "next stage" following that, we had the sitting on the eggs. That means there is the next step. With that being said… Through countless hours of standing and observing through a telescope (provided by neighbors Barbara and Brian), a pair of binoculars (provided by my friend Ray), and of course the naked eye. Accompanied by hours of reading research online, and through consulting with Ornithologist Rob Butler…. I am extremely happy and proud to announce that on April 29, 2018 Canuck and Cassiar became parents. I'm not sure how many eggs there were in the nest, therefore I'm not sure how many little ones there are. But with all the activity in the nest, Canuck and Cassiar are going to be quite busy for the next little while. I will post further details of how all of this was discovered, but for now please help me Congratulate Canuck and Cassiar on the hatching of their very first group of kids. Congrats Canuck and Cassiar. 🙂 Shawn 🙂

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Canuck the Crow made headlines one month when he stole a weapon from a crime scene. A man attacked a police officer with a knife and was apprehended. Canuck decided that he needed a new switchblade, nabbed the knife, and took off.

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The movie-star bad boy might have to take time away from his rockstar lifestyle but at least he has a good job to fall back on. Canuck the Crow can support his growing family with his job at the PNE; he’s an honorary employee making $12.27 an hour for entertaining guests.

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