Bears may be massive, awe-inspiring animals, but that doesn’t mean they make good pets. In fact, trying to domesticate a bear is about as wise as swatting one on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper because they pooped on the carpet again. If you’re looking for a pet that will provide companionship and love, stick to smaller, more manageable animals like dogs and cats.


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Check Out These AI-Generated Exotic Emotional Support Animals

AI-generated art is a fun way to quickly turn your imagination into an image. Reddit user u/GOODBYEBRIELLE used AI to show us a multiverse where the elderly can pick their emotional support animal, regardless of their size or risk of owning the animal. An obvious top choice for an exotic emotional support animal is a bear – As long as it’s more of a teddy than a grizzly.

Stepan the House Bear: From Rescue to World-Famous Model

Sepan was rescued at 3 months old and grew up to become a successful model!

Bear 747 wins Fat Bear Week again, overcomes voter fraud

Bear 747, aka “Bear Force One”, is one epic super-chonk of a brown bear, with a blocky muzzle and a floppy right ear, he breaks the scales at A WHOPPING 1,400 POUNDS! He’s considered one of the largest, if not the largest, brown bear alive today. Bear 747 training hard for Fat Bear Week [Image via] But it takes more than weight to win Fat Bear Week and if you’re not familiar with the competition, let me fill you in.

Only in Cali: Chill Bear Sips Margarita While In Jacuzzi

You might think you’re chill, but you’re nowhere near as chill as this bear sipping a margarita in a jacuzzi. The California heatwave has got everyone – animals included – looking for a way to cool down. Mark Hough, an Altadena, California local, left his unheated hot tub uncovered during the hot weather, accidentally inviting in an unwanted guest.

Family Thinks They’re Raising a Pet Dog, Turns Out To Be a Black Bear

We’ve all made mistakes. But, most of us have never mistaken a bear for a dog, and then raised it for two years as the family pet. A family in China, however, did just that.

Bear Caged for 15 Years Sees Grass For the First Time

Joy, an Asiatic black bear, is finally free after spending 15 years behind bars. The black bear was kept as a pet during her cubhood, then cruelly locked in a cage by her owners when she got to be too big for them. Asiatic black bears are known to make friends in captivity and typically live 25-30 years.

In honour of Panda day, here’s a ton of cuddly videos

Happy Panda Day! These tubby little creatures will warm your cold, cold hearts. They’re the clumsiest bears on the planet and, for obvious reasons, a group of pandas is actually called an embarrassment.

Two bears and a mountain lion treated for burns with fish-skin bandages

Two bears and a 5-month old mountain lion were found with serious burns following the Thomas Fire in Southern California. Hero vet Jamie Peyton was enlisted to help develop a plan for the wild animals. She’s the Chief of the Integrative Medicine Service at UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, and came up with the idea that potentially saved the animals lives.

Baby Panda tries to take a bite out of France’s First Lady

Cute and cuddly? Not this baby panda. Yuan Meng is a baby panda you don’t want to mess with: just ask Brigitte Macron.