Rockstar Bret Michaels Adopts a Heroic Husky Also Named Bret Michaels

Rock icon and Poison lead singer Bret Michaels just made headlines for adopting a rescue dog with the same name. But is wasn’t just the name that won Michaels’ heart. The canine Bret Michaels, a 6-year-old Husky at the Nebraska Humane Society, made headlines first, after saving the life of a lil’ kitty!

A few stray kittens were brought in, cold, dirty, and covered in fleas. But one was “wobbly, weak, and lethargic”… The kitten was diagnosed with flea anemia – and at his size and age – he needed blood ASAP. That’s when Bret Michaels (dog) stepped in to save the day! Bret had his bloodwork done recently, so the vet team knew he was a match.

Then when Bret Michaels (human) heard about Bret Michaels’ (dog) heroic deed, he immediately went to adopt him! The kitten was then named Roses & Thorn, inspired by Bret Michaels (human).

Now in his furever home with the rock star, let’s hope they both don’t get too confused when someone asks, “does Bret wants a treat!”

Bret Michaels (human) sadly lost Phoenix, his fur BFF of 14 years, earlier this month. So Bret (dog) is also helping Bret (human) with the tough time he’s also been going through.

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