Influencer Bretman Rock Treats His Rescue Pitbulls and Bulldogs to Pedicures and Gossip

Style obviously comes naturally to influencer Bretman Rock – And judging by his rescue dogs, the same can be said about them. Bretman just posted to Instagram an afternoon of treating his whole dog pack to pedis and gossip, delighting both his six fur babies and 19 million followers. (and in case you’re wondering, the dog-friendly nail polish he uses is Warren London’s Pawdicure Polish Pen)

Influencer Bretman Rock Gives His Rescue Pitbulls and Bulldogs to Pedicures and Gossip
Credit: @bretmanrock/Instagram

First up was his rescue pitbull Tora, who clearly is no stranger to spa treatments or spilling some tea. Bretman got to the bottom of the rumor Tora started that she was dating the dog next door (not true)

Tora got a lil’too relaxed during her session… but luckily, Bretman pulled off some CPR and saved the day.

And she was clearly happy with her posh pink look.

Bretman Rock pitbull Tora getting nails done
Credit: @bretmanrock/Instagram

Next up was his senior pitbull Ele, who turns ten this year. The pair reminisced over the eight years of shenanigans they’ve had together.

Bretman Rock pitbull Ele getting nails done
Credit: @bretmanrock/Instagram

Next was Kayu, who requested green nails to match her fav ball.

Bretman Rock pitbull Kayu getting nails done
Credit: @bretmanrock/Instagram

Of course, Hati the Frenchie just had to get French tips.

Bretman Rock French Bulldog Hati getting nails done
Credit: @bretmanrock/Instagram
Bretman Rock Instagram comment on dog's pedicure
Credit: @bretmanrock/Instagram

Kala the Pitte was up next. They discussed the dating challenges of being tall girls and loving Ariana Grande’s new album.

Bretman Rock pitbull Kala getting nails done
Credit: @bretmanrock/Instagram

Last but not least, is Lili, Bretman’s newest fur family member. Their chat included asking if she has beef with the French as she’s English.

Bretman Rock English Bulldog Lili getting nails done
Credit: @bretmanrock/Instagram

And a doggy spa day wouldn’t be complete without a round of puppuccinos!

Bretman Rock dog having puppuccino
Credit: @bretmanrock/Instagram

Enjoy the full video below:

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