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Bretman Rock's Pets

Does Bretman Rock Have Any Pets?

Bretman Rock's Pets and Dogs

Bretman Rock’s pets include five rescue dogs, four cats, two guinea pigs, several turtles, and a flock of chickens (but he could have more cute critters running around). People have commented on his social media posts about some of his Bullies having cropped ears, but fans have pointed out they’re rescues who had their ears cropped before he adopted them. His animal children also have a collective Instagram under the name @bretspetz managed by a friend, but it hasn’t been updated in a few years.

Tora (Dog)

Breed: Pitbull | Adopted 2021

Bretman Rock adopted a Pitbull dog named Tora in 2021.

Ele (Dog)

Breed: Pitbull

Bretman Rock has a Pitbull named Ele (pronounced Eh-leh).

Lila (Dog)

Breed: French Bulldog | Adopted Jan 2022

Bretman Rock adopted an adorable white French Bulldog named Lila in January 2022 (pronounced LEE-lah). Rock said he loved her because she was funny and had a lazy eye like him. Lila had to get surgery but didn’t recover and tragically passed away 🙁

Itah (Dog)

Breed: French Bulldog | Adopted Dec 2022

Bretman Rock revealed a new French Bulldog named Itah in his 2022 Christmas photos. It’s not known if Itah is a rescue like the rest of his dog pack. Itah arrived after the tragic passing of his Frenchie Lila.

Kayu (Dog)

Breed: Pitbull

Kayu is a Pitbull that Bretman Rock adopted after a friend couldn’t look after her anymore. And if you’re curious, find out how Kayu transformed into a leopard.

Ajax (Dog)

Breed: Pitbull

Ajax is another Pitbull rescued by Bretman Rock, seen here doing the splits.

Chickens (Bird)

Breed: Chicken

Bretman Rock has a flock of around 40 pet chickens that continues to grow. The names of his chickens include Marites, Martin, Cristina, Cockiana, Pigeon, Kiki, Riki, Ying, Yang, Blur, Sue, Pahoyhoy, Achilles, Nike, Nicole, Nine, Pencil, Devina, Delilah, Christina, Mary Beth, Pricilla, Britney, Olivia, Raven, Vegas, Reno, Frederica, Godiva, Whitney, and Tin (short for Tinola). He also has roosters named Bo (short for Adobo), Elvis, Ed, and Crow. When he needs to call his chickens for their dinner, he, of course, uses a karaoke mic lol. Marites and Martin are seen here in Rock’s backpack.

Tortoises (Turtle)

Breed: Tortoise

Bretman Rock has several Tortoises. The Tortoises’ names include Ula Rocky, Banana Q, Mahal, Mura, and Lumpia. Ula is pictured here. The influencer also sells merchandise, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Aloha Aina Support Fund, a Hawaiian wildlife charity that helps save turtles and tortoises.

Wut and Ewa (Guinea Pig)

Bretman Rock has a couple guinea pigs named Wut and Ewa.

Shookira (Cat)

Bretman Rock has a cat named Shookira whose name was inspired by Shakira.

Eissa, U'ah, and Aimah (Cat)

Adopted Aug 2017

Bretman Rock has three cats named Eissa, U’ah, and Aimah that were born in August 2017 from Shookira.

Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock Pets


July 31, 1998 (25)

Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga, better known as Bretman Rock is a Filipino-American beauty influencer and social media personality based in Honolulu, Hawaii. He rose to fame as a creator on YouTube and Vine after one of his contouring videos went viral in 2015. Rock is known for making makeup tutorials and his humorous views on life. He has starred in his own reality TV show, MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock (2021), has featured in several music videos, and in October 2021 was the first openly gay man to appear on the cover of Playboy.

Rock has received multiple awards and honors for his work on social media including a People’s Choice award for “Beauty Influencer” and an award for “Breakthrough Social Star” at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards.