Baidianr Psychic Cat Predicts World Cup Winners Dies

Baidianr was your average museum cat, chasing mice and living the good life.

The kitty would have stayed relatively unknown if it wasn’t for some of the Beijing Palace Museum staff being soccer (or football for those of you in the UK) fans. Staff soon discovered the cat had some amazing psychic abilities.

Baidianr could predict the winner of the World Cup.

World Cup baidainr cat museum

During this year’s World Cup, museum staff would place bowls of food with the competing countries national flags printed on the front. Whichever bowl Baidianr ate from first was the gambling kitties winning pick for the match.

After picking Russia during the opening game against Saudi Arabia, the museum staff realized they had a feline-psychic in their midst. While the kitty had a few incorrect guesses at first (assumedly losing some Beijing Palace Museum staff a bet or two), he eventually hit a roll and predicted six correct winners in a row, finishing off with choosing Argentina over Nigeria,

When Baidianr made the right guess, he got a treat of dried fish.

World Cup cat

But all was not well with the gambling kitty. The museum posted on their social that Baidianr fell ill, and on Monday morning had passed away. RIP Baidianr.

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