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Lola (Dog)

In early 2023, Elliana Walmsley’s dog Lola went missing, sparking rumors among fans that she might have been stolen. These rumors started after a fan website mentioned the disappearance. However, Elliana quickly reassured her followers that Lola was not stolen and was still with her. Despite this, there has been no recent update or post from Elliana about Lola, leaving her current status unclear[1].

Elliana Walmsley

Elliana Walmsley Pets


June 23, 2007 (17)

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Elliana Walmsley is an American dancer, actress, and model, notable for her role in the reality television series “Dance Moms.” She has also competed in “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.”

Walmsley’s career extends to multiple performances in television and theater. In 2017, she appeared in the off-Broadway production “Dance Divas Nutcracker.” Her participation in “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” in 2018 showcased her dance skills on a national platform, where she was paired with professional junior dancers and celebrity children.

Her collaborations include choreographers Abby Lee Miller and Gianna Martello during her tenure on “Dance Moms,” which contributed to her development and exposure as a professional dancer. Her involvement on the show also led to partnerships with dancers such as Lilliana Ketchman, Maesi Caes, Peyton Evans, as well as interactions with the broader cast.