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Miss Liberty (Dog)

Maesi Caes has a dog named Miss Liberty.

Maesi Caes

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March 18, 2005 (19)

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Reality TV Dancers

Maesi Caes is a professional dancer from Altoona, Iowa, whose journey into the dance world has garnered her significant recognition at a young age. She achieved the title of Hall of Fame inductee at the tender age of 10, illustrating her early aptitude and dedication to her craft​1​​2​.

Her dance talent didn’t go unnoticed as she made her way into the reality television sphere, becoming a notable figure on the seventh season of the popular show “Dance Moms” in 2017. This platform showcased her abilities to a wider audience and opened doors for further opportunities in the entertainment industry​1​. In addition to “Dance Moms,” Maesi Caes displayed her dancing prowess on other television platforms including NBC’s “Little Big Shots”​3​.

While Maesi’s collaboration list might not be extensively documented, her appearances on television shows allowed her to share the stage and interact with other dancers and artists, fostering a space of mutual artistic exchange. Her reality-TV journey also involved working closely with her mom, Jaime Caes, especially during her time on Dance Moms​4​.

Maesi’s career also has a competitive streak, her resume glittering with titles from dance competitions. She secured two Grand National Championships, which stands as a testament to her exceptional skills and the intense preparation that goes into competitive dancing. Her induction into the National Hall of Fame Junior American League’s “Hall of Fame Solo Inductee” in 2015 and 2017 further etched her name in the dance community​4​​2​.