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Does Swizz Beatz Have Any Pets?

Samba (Dog)

Breed: Cane Corso | Adopted 2018

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz have one dog, a huge Cane Corso named Samba they got in 2018. They got Keys said on Twitter that she never thought of herself as a dog person until Samba.

Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz Pets


September 13, 1978 (45)


Alicia Keys

(2010 - )

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Swizz Beatz, real name Kasseem Dean, is a musician, producer, rapper, DJ, and entrepreneur. He began his career as a DJ, before eventually becoming a producer for some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry, such as DMX, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne. He has also produced tracks for artists of other genres, ranging from Mariah Carey to Metallica. Swizz Beatz has also made a name for himself as an entrepreneur and art collector. He founded the record label Full Surface Records in 1999, and has also founded companies such as DreamChasers and the Dean Collection. In addition, he has held various roles in the fashion industry, including art director of the clothing line Reebok. He’s married to singer Alicia Keys and has two children.