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Conan, Murray, Milton, Robert and Lucas (Dog)

Breed: Mastiff

Javier Milei, having no spouse or children, devotes his leisure time to his five cloned Mastiffs, affectionately referred to as his “four-legged children.” These dogs, a unique aspect of his life, gained public attention during his 2023 primary campaign. Milei, embracing his libertarian values, named four of the dogs after conservative American economists: Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman, and Robert Lucas. In his political rallies, Milei prominently features paintings of his dogs, distributing them to the audience. He uses a roaring chainsaw as a symbolic gesture at these events, representing the significant reductions he aims to implement in the Argentine government[1].

Javier Milei

Javier Milei Pets


October 22, 1970 (53)

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Javier Milei is an Argentine politician and economist, currently serving as the President of Argentina since December 2023. Known for his distinctive personal style and strong media presence, Milei has been a prominent figure in Argentine politics, characterized by his right-wing populist and libertarian views. He is also recognized for his academic contributions as a professor in economics and his authorship on economic and political subjects.

Before his presidency, Milei was elected to the Argentine Chamber of Deputies in November 2021, representing the City of Buenos Aires for La Libertad Avanza. His political career is marked by his critique of Argentina’s political elite and his opposition to high government spending. Milei’s victory in the 2023 presidential election was built on a platform that criticized the ideological dominance of Peronism, which he held responsible for the ongoing 2018 Argentine monetary crisis.