Meet Reas the Whippet, America’s fastest dog!

After coming in first last year, Reas the Whippet successfully defended his title after winning the Fast CAT competition at the 2022 Fastest Dogs USA. And Reas wasn’t born and star and actually started from the bottom. He was the last puppy to find a human after his four siblings four years ago.

Now a lean, mean 51-pound racing machine, Reas is now used to being first instead of last. Not only is it very rare to win twice in a row, he also won the American Kennel Club’s Fast CAT Invitational.

If you’re wondering what a Fast CAT competition is, no it doesn’t involve dogs chasing an actual cat. The dogs are timed chasing a lure down a straight 100 yard track. Taking into account their height, each dog’s 100-yard results are converted into miles-per-hour. In this competition, each dog runs the 100-yard dash twice, with the top five running one more time to decide the winner.

Reas’ average time for the 100-yard dash was 5.847 seconds, with a 34.98 MPH. The Runner up was Winston the Whippet, who was only .092 seconds slower with a speed of 34.44! A video of Winston’s run also went viral, which you can watch below.

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